Quick and simple tips to crack IIT-JEE exam

Make sure you go into the exam hall with a well-defined plan and adhere to it strictly. Also, make sure the plan is in a checklist format.

Hey guys, it’s the time of your lives when everyone around you turns into an IIT-JEE-maverick, offering you advice about “How to crack it”.

The Internet gets flooded with people giving out a bulky list of dos and dont during the exam.

We, at SolveitNow, believe that all this complexity further adds to your skyrocketing anxiety and so we bring to you a few simple words of wisdom, powered by Brain Science principles to instill growth mindset confidence so as to bring out the best in you!

The exam is just a process:

This exam is nothing more than a process in which you need to answer a few questions. You are the one who’s the master of process, so take control

Deploy smart strategies:

1 .Stick to the plan:-

Having a wrong plan is better than having no plan

So make sure you go into the exam hall with a well-defined plan and adhere to it strictly. Also, make sure the plan is in a checklist format (make it as simple as possible).

2. Think inside the box:-

Do not try any new approach during the exam, stick to what has become second nature to you and solve problems with the methods that come to you naturally.

3. Attempt wisely:-

Collect the freebies first, make it a point to begin each section with the easiest question. Also attempt conservatively for the first few questions in a section, keep a tab on the error rate.

4. The balancing act:-

Make it a point to keep your scores balanced in all the subjects. Do not rely heavily upon any particular section to fetch you gains. Remember:- “A normal curve is the best curve ”.

Time-keeping, keeps the day:

Make it a point a minimum stipulated time on each subject no what kind of vibes you get from it.

Set aside some time as a buffer to record answers, reflect back, tackle some surprises or simply devote time to your favorite subject.

Train your brain muscle:

If things do not go too well and you feel as if you are going into lobotomy, try out any of the following:

1. Create meaningful distractions:-

Go out for a stroll ,have water observe the plants and trees (There would definitely be some at your centre)

2. If hell breaks lose all you’ve got to do is:-


( Breath rhythmically through the heart). This is a technique by Dr. Allan H. Watkins which is scientifically proven to bring your brain back to a state where it can think clearly.

Last but the first:

Minimize pre-examination pain-points:

Be sure of your examination centre well in advance and reach well in time. Read The admit card instructions with utmost care.

Read question paper instructions properly (Be mentally prepared for surprises.)

That’s it, guys. Go give it your best shot!

Happy Learning!

*Snehal Singh Tomar is an IIT JEE Advanced 2016 rank holder and a member of SolveitNow team. 

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