10 simple tips for having normal delivery

Keep calm as much as possible. The more you avoid stress, anxiety and contemplation, the lower is your muscle tension.


There is perhaps no joy bigger than giving birth to a new life and that makes mothers special.

Here are 10 simple tips for all pregnant ladies for having normal/natural delivery and avoid C-section, which might cause urinary tract infection, blood loss or injury to other organs like bladder of the mother during surgery:

1. Exercise regularly

Exercise will help you boost your stamina as well as stay active during pregnancy.

Exercises like Kegels, pelvic stretches and tilts, deep squats, and aquatic pregnancy exercises open your hips and strengthen your pelvic muscles, thus helping you handle the stress of labour pain and have normal delivery.

Prenatal yoga also increases flexibility and controls laboured breathing. However, always do your exercises and yoga under expert supervision.

2. Avoid stress

Keep calm as much as possible. The more you avoid stress, anxiety and contemplation, the lower is your muscle tension.

Stay away from negative people and stories of mothers who had difficult deliveries. Read good books on parenting and spend time in company of people who mBake you feel happy and comfortable.

3. Breathe right

You need good oxygen supply for the growth of your child. Regular meditation and breathing exercises will help you have normal delivery.

4. Have a good diet

You need to eat right not just for your baby but also for yourself. A healthy diet will make you strong and nourished enough to handle challenges of labour better. Stay hydrated and go for lots of greens – vegetables and fruits.

5. Check on your weight

Eat well but make sure you don’t put in lot of weight. Having fatty food on excuse of pregnancy and gaining weight is harmful for you.

Check out with your doctor how much weight you should ideally gain during pregnancy. Too much weight gain is likely to increase complications during childbirth.

6. Consult a good gynaecologist  

You need supervised care during pregnancy. Make sure you do your prenatal check-ups regularly.

Thus you will get to know if there is a medical complication that needs immediate attention. Don’t hesitate to get second opinion if your doctor votes for only C-section delivery.

7. Get perineal massages daily

Go for daily perineal massages. It will help increase stretchability of your perineum thus minimizing the need of episiotomy and there will be fewer natural tears. It will help in having normal delivery.

8. Sleep

Get at least 8-10 hours of sleep. It is required for growth of the child as well as well-being of the mother. Getting undisturbed sleep will help you recover from  fatigue of pregnancy and rejuvenate your body.

9. The lesser the intervention the better

Go slow. Unless you have a particular health problem, other than mandatory ones, skip unnecessary health tests, treatments and interventions during pregnancy.

Don’t hesitate to ask why you need a particular test or treatment. The more natural you keep, the easier it will be for you during childbirth.

10. Early labour? Stay at home

Spend as much time at home as possible. Walk around the house or take a stroll in the garden or get into a hot water tub, eat and drink – do whatever you feel like.

Only when the contractions are less than five minutes apart and getting stronger since the last two hours, you know it’s time. Else, even if you rush to a hospital, they will send you back home if you are not dilated.

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