10 latest developments in Google you may like to explore


10 latest developments in Google you may like to explore Google recently showcased its latest developments in Android, Google Assistant, Google Maps, Google Photos, and artificial intelligence.

The new features were unveiled at the search giant’s annual developer conference Google I/O at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California.

Here are 10 latest developments in Google:

1. With the introduction of a new feature – Smart Compose, Gmail can now autocomplete entire mails. Switch it on and keep tapping the Tab button to let Google keep auto-completing your entire message.

2. Google Photos now comes with “Suggested Actions” where it can spot your friends in your photos. You can share those photos with them by pressing a single button.

3. Google Photos now also offers you the option to turn photos of documents into PDFs instantly.

4. Google CEO Sundar Pichai said Google Assistant will now have a more natural voice, with American R&B star John Legend been roped in for the job.

5. Google Assistant will also be smarter now on with a new feature called Continued Conversations. There is no need to say “Ok, Google” to keep the conversation rolling. Just use the command and ask as many questions you want.

6. Google’s new version of Android – Android P – has a feature called Digital Wellbeing, so that you can spend less time on phone and more with your family and friends. This feature will help you to create controls to limit your screen-time with apps like YouTube.

7. There is a new feature called “Subscribe With Google” which gives you access to all your paid contents (newspapers, magazines or other publications) anywhere – Google Search, Google News and on publishers’ official sites.

8. Google’s Android P comes with “Shush” mode. Every time you put the phone face down, “Do Not Disturb” mode will automatically be activated.

9. The search major is aiming to make button-less Android phones. The new Android P has a navigation system where it emphasizes on gestures rather than buttons, making multitasking easier.

10. Now Google Maps will let you use your phone camera to help navigate using the Street View feature. Wave your phone in front of you and get the Street View version of what is actually in front of you. Just follow the arrows if you need directions.

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