Things to remember for publishing your app in the Apple App Store

It seems that publishing an application in the App Store is a tedious task and can take a lot of time. But this is not the fact, because planning before implementation can make anything easy.

Apple is a premium organisation which provides high-quality products to its customers. The company does not compromise with any mistake or vulnerabilities in its products and expects the same from its developers as well as those publishing apps in their App Store. To facilitate this, Apple also provides a lot of developer’s tools.

Here are a few things that you must remember before planning to publish your application in the Apple App Store.

Create an Apple account

To release your application in the App Store, you are required to create a developer account on Apple’s website. This account will contain all the information related to your application.

In order to publish an app in the App Store, you are required to pay $99 and they will provide the license for the same and this license will be valid for one year. After payments and all the account setup, you are ready to submit your app for review and further proceedings.

Focus on good UI and experience

Apple always focuses on a good user-interface and experience and you must also focus on the same. It is suggested to follow the guidelines on human-interface guidelines provided by Apple.

Many applications get rejected by Apple due to its poor or average quality interface. So a good interface that satisfies the guidelines must be designed in order to increase the probability of approval of your application.

Keep your app bugs and crash free

Apple does manual testing of the applications published in the app store. So, if any bugs or crashes occur, they are expert to catch them and they immediately reject the application. Even a small bug can cost you the rejection of your application. So, make sure that the application is bug-free and crashes-free.

Conduct thorough testing

As Apple does manual testing of the applications you publish, they check each every aspect of your application. So, before publishing your application to the app store, it is suggested to do manual testing thoroughly.

This manual testing must not be done in a single device, instead, you must test the application in multiple devices to get the best review of the application.

Ensure performance across devices

Apple focuses a lot on the performance of its products and applications, so you must ensure that your application is best in performance in multiple devices. It is suggested to test the performance of the application on multiple devices. Performance is a very significant parameter which may cost you rejection of your application.

Avoid third-party content

If your application is using the content of a third party organisation or a personal or fetching data from a website then they may reject your application. They will ask you to provide an agreement from the third-party ensuring your authorisation. You may refer to this for the same.

App previews and screenshots

While publishing your app, they will ask to provide the app previews and screenshots of your applications.


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These app previews and screenshots will be displayed in the App Store. For app previews and screenshots, Apple is having a list of specifications. You can refer this for guidelines for app previews and this for guidelines app screenshots.

Bug-fixing and crash handling

When you upload your app in the App Store, they will review your app and send the problem, if any, then you have to fix that bug or problem or crash. This is an iterative process and you are required to fix the problems that they have noticed. In the initial stages, the time of response will be really great, after that the response time will increase exponentially.

Apple does not trouble anyone

Apple is investing a lot in good user-experience and performance, so its app store has various checkpoints that should be taken care of while publishing an app in it.

Developers sometimes find it difficult to publish an app in the app store due to these checkpoints.

They become depressed and find themselves or Apple as responsible for their problem. But one thing must be kept in mind that Apple Inc. will never trouble anyone for publishing his/her app.

The last words

It seems that publishing an application in the App Store is a tedious task and can take a lot of time.

But this is not the fact, because planning before implementation can make anything easy.

So, in order to publish an app in the App Store, you must keep the above points in mind along with some other small points like legal issues, advertisements, encryption, promotions and many more.


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