Serving the Underserved – A million meals with dignity


The million meals fund was incorporated by TNR Trust, AVIS Hospitals and Think Tankers with the intent to provide uncooked “Livelihood kits” to the Underserved class of the society who are both the basic constituents of our economy as well as most neglected – the migrant labour, the disadvantaged class like rural labour.

“An idea which started off as some charity to the watchmen and daily wage workers who needed help and our support transformed into a mission to become a beacon of hope by providing 10,00,000 Lakh meals” says Srinivas Tirupati, Founder and Chairman of TNR Trust.

The major focus for the fund was to reach out to the people who didn’t fall under the fold of the Govt. Schemes, aid and the support extended by the different NGOs which was possible with the help of the Disaster Management Cell, ITDA and Local Bodies.

The livelihood kits contain dry ration groceries which when cooked would be equal to 50 meals and also a hygiene kit with detergent, soaps and face masks. ” Clean Hygiene is the best way to be healthy and we wanted to impart this ideology amongst the people receiving the kits” says Dr Sunil Raghav, Director at AVIS Hospitals.

The low procurement costs were possible with help coming in from local partners like Shri Ram Charan Foods, Paradise Biryani and FMCG giants like HULU and Reckett Benkizer.

Over the last 45 days, 50,000 meals were distributed in Utnoor, Adilabad amongst PVTG tribes,100000 lakh in Kothagudem, 15000 to North Eastern migrants from the hospitality sector, in hyderabad.

25000 meals in Old City. The organization’s were able to reach slums of Jubilee hills, labour associations of film,press, auto unions and also the front line workers of the GHMC Garbage disposal teams.

“We have reached the milestone of 5 Lakh meals within 30 days and wish to achieve the target by the end of the month.” says Dr. Rajah V Koppala, Managing Director, AVIS Hospitals.

MillionMeals program distributed more than 30,000 meals to the migrant labour leaving for Odisha, West Bengal and Bihar.

On May 22nd, Friday, ten thousand ( 10,000) cooked meals were served to the Migrant labour
sheltered at Medchal Highway in the temporary shelter homes.

A big shoutout for the team of Welfare Officers and NGOs who participated in this drive to ensure the migrant labour are taken care of before they can safely be transported home.

These cooked meals consisted of a Vegetable Biryani and 500ml of water for each person. On May 23rd, Saturday another twenty thousand (20,000) meals were distributed to the migrant labour leaving Hyderabad from the Lingampalli and Nampally Railway Stations.

The 20,000 meals were supported by Paradise Biryani who baked the 20,000 packets of bread each 210

The bread was accompanied by a water packet (500ml each) and biscuits for young children traveling the long journey.

“Our intent was always to help the lower income groups to get a meal with dignity, since there was no help reaching them.

Moving forward the MillionMeals and TNR Trust would like to be a consistent contributor by providing financial aids and other programs targeted to creating positive impact through education ( skill development ) and employment” as said by K Udbhav Anand, Director -ThinkTankers and Partner,Million Meals.

The Funds website has all the updates regarding the distribution and donations made, the website also has the facility to donate online. All donations are tax exempted under the 80G*.



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