Pvt players enter Indian Space Science, revolution likely


With the Indian Space Agency allowing private players’ role in Indian space science, the foundation has now been carved out for the latter to prove their mettle in the untouched arena.

Recently the Indian Space Agency followed the footsteps of the world’s most reputed space organisation-NASA after offering the private sector an opportunity to play a key role in the development of Indian Space sector.

The authority allowed private companies and start-ups to participate in space activities. Nevertheless, on Wednesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi also gave green signal to carve out a new organization–Indian National Promotion and Authorization Centre i.e IN-SPACe which has been envisioned to strive to make accessible the space infrastructure to the private sector besides regulating the country’s space industries.

With the entry of private players, ISRO is likely to concentrate on building technologies and undertake deep space missions. Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro) chairman K Sivan declared that private enterprises can now independently construct satellites, rockets and launch them from India.

The field of space research is very diverse and demands a massive amount of time, money and technology for exploration and advancement in the said field. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (USA) was already made private earlier and the Indian Space Agency seems to have followed their footsteps.

Some of the key takeaways from the latest decisions are as follows-

· India took the stepping-stone towards the privatization of Indian Space Agency when the Indian Government designed the New Space India Limited.

. It is likely to help the country by creating more job opportunities for the youth.

· Government resources can be now allocated to important research and Space Defense.

· Companies like Spacex employ hundreds of Indian space scientists and this move would help India retain its Talent pool.

· Also this step can help in accelerated growth and innovation which will ultimately help to boost our economy, because India is globally known for its cost effective and innovative Space technology.

· The private enterprises will also be given a chance to take part in Research and Development functions thereby increasing the pace of growth of Indian Space Tech Industry.

In particular, it presents a huge opportunity for giant Indian companies like Mahindra, Reliance and Tata who are actively taking part in the functioning of Aviation and Aircraft businesses and made huge investments in the aviation sector.

They might venture into the sector too and leave their footprint in Indian Space Initiatives. At the same time, it might also boost young innovators like Rifath Sharook from Tamil Nadu who created the world’s smallest satellite in the past and attracted eyeballs.

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