Chairperson of Delhi-based Ek Ehsaas Foundation feted for community service

NEW DELHI: Reena Charles, Chairperson of the Delhi-based registered trust Ek Ehsaas Foundation (EEF) and of Philomena’s Paradise, a home for destitute senior citizens, is among the recipients of the Delhi Minority Commission’s annual awards for Community Service and Human Rights for the year 2019.

Philomena’s Paradise, established in February 2018, shelters elderly destitutes, mostly between the ages of 60 and 90.

A majority of the residents are battling disease, loneliness and the lack of a roof above the head and desire nothing other than a chance to lead an active, healthy life with dignity.


Speaking on the occasion, the EEF Chairperson, who is a former principal of a reputed school in the National Capital Region and ex-CEO of a chain of schools in Thiruvananthapuram, termed the award as an acknowledgement of all her efforts to support some of the most under-privileged sections of society, and that too in the absence of institutional support from any quarter.

Located along the Delhi-Uttar Pradesh border, the home is the fulfilment of
the social entrepreneur’s long-standing dream to give back to humanity as an act of gratitude for a highly productive life and is guided by the strong desire to be an agent of social change.

EEF, which came into being in September 2017, is an action-oriented trust guided by the dictum ‘Ehsaas Nahi Toh Kuch Bhi Nahi’ (Without Realisation, There is Nothing).


It comprises six separate arms (including Philomena’s Paradise) which are actively involved in a wide variety of fields.

EEF’s main arm, the Ek Ehsaas Motivational Academy, conducts workshops and seminars across India on a wide range of themes close to the hearts of school students, teachers, principals and of professionals from several walks of life.


Workshops have also been held in Sri Lanka under the EEF banner.

EEF’s rapidly expanding repertoire includes the following projects: Samtripti – the Feeding Bowl; Vidhya – Spreading Literacy; Poshaak – Glad to Clad and Marhamm – Counselling Services. Each of them is socially-oriented and has great potential to make a difference.

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