Erwin Jager steps in Luxury Helicopter charter business


DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, May 20, 2022/ — Hotel Entrepreneur Erwin Jager steps in Luxury Helicopter charter business.

Motivated to add value to luxury hotel destinations, it offers especially wealthy travelers’ ultra-high comfort to improve transport between airport and hotel resort in unique locations.

The idea came because we often arrived at our hotel locations tired and stressed after hours of travel.

A luxury chauffeur service offers some comfort on short distances, but certainly not if you have to travel longer than 45 minutes between the airport and the final destination.

In exclusive hotel resort locations such as Barbados, Maldives, Bora Bora, Mauritius, Seychelles and Bahamas, the service is an absolute plus.

With the increase in the number of millionaires and billionaires in the world, we are confident of providing an answer to a growing demand among these target groups.

Wealthy travelers like to be transported quickly in peace and discretion. A local chauffeur service does not meet that need.

We will start on a small scale with the deployment of 2 exclusive VIP Airbus Helicopters.

The helicopters are used for wealthy travelers but also for exclusive sightseeing flights and charters with local airlines.

Ultimately, every helicopter has to work its hours to achieve a healthy return.

The first helicopters will be deployed in January 2023 and will be fully funded through a long-term bond loan, said Chairman Erwin Jager of Barrows Hotel Enterprises.

The service offers exclusive hotel resorts a unique experience for its wealthy guests.

The market is now favorable and there are wonderful devices available that provide the answer to the demand from the market.

Ultimately, we want to grow to 10 exclusive VIP Airbus Helicopters by 2025.

The UAE and West Africa is growing strongly and in the coming decades West Africa will develop more hotel resorts combined with new infrastructures which generates a high occupancy by new and excisting visitors, jobs, and new business opportunities.

Barrows Hotel Enterprises internationally manages over 10,000 hotel rooms in more than 10 countries. Barrows is specialized in the fast-growing hotel industry in the entire MENA Region including West Africa.

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