Beco India celebrates works of Mumbai’s garbage collectors

Mumbai: Beco India, an Indian startup specialising in consumer goods recently celebrated the works of several grassroots level workers working in Mumbai to keep the city clean and litter free.

On the occasion of World Environment Day, the corporate body teamed up with BMC where the garbage collectors were honoured.

This is the first time any sustainable home-brand company associated with BMC to celebrate the day. The firm also organised a lunch programme for the workers. This included workers working in the south ward of BMC and others.


The programme was attended by around 300 BMC employees and 15 officers from Worli BMC ward. Beco team also interacted with the staff of BMC from different levels to understand their working, challenges and other issues.

In recognition of their participation, all of the guests who attended received a bamboo toothbrush, bamboo tissue paper, bamboo wet wipes, bamboo tissue rolls, cornstarch garbage bags, Beco t-shirts, and chemical-free floor cleaners as a token of appreciation.

Akshay Verma, co-founder at Beco India on the occasion said, “We are all responsible for the Earth we live on. Beco is our first step in making a real tangible difference.


Our journey started with a beach clean up and our approach to real change has always been to lead by example.

This world environment day we wanted to thank the real environmental heroes, the BMC Garbage Collectors. They work so hard to clean up after us, it is time they are appreciated for the tremendous work they are doing,”

The startup also decided to sponsor uniforms for all BMC garbage collectors of a particular ward. The team plans to launch a huge plastic buyback initiative where they will purchase any Beco plastic containers from the company’s existing customers.


Team Beco India has also planned to initiate a Sustainability Education initiative, where they will conduct sustainability education seminars for kids to help inculcate sustainable habits from an early age. Through beach cleanups and facilitating sustainable waste management.

India’s first natural home-care brand Beco India is an Indian startup that specialises in consumer goods after being founded in 2018. Providing an affordable alternative to single-use products such as napkins, toilet paper, facial tissues, tissue rolls, and even diapers, the company manufactures products that are biodegradable and sustainable.

Aditya Ruia, Anuj Ruia, and Akshay Varma founded Beco (Be Eco), a company that is a manufacturer of kitchen, household, and personal care products.

In addition to a wide range of other products, the startup uses biodegradable and compostable raw materials, including corn starch, bamboo, and coconut fiber to manufacture tissues, straws, toothpicks, and cotton balls.

By using recycled and craft papers as packaging, they eliminate the need for plastics, and they also pay close attention to the packaging of products.

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