Permanent Heat Wave: Is it New Normal?

In the coming year, when this high sea will under go changes in terms of prolonged heat wave days in the ocean floor, what catastrophic result it would bring for the sub-continent could be well imagined.

Summer, one of the important seasons of the year that used to bring hopefulness and optimism by having abundance of bright day light for long hours is now playing havoc in the South Asia and South East Asian region.

The sweltering heat condition prevailing over South Asia is breaking all the previous records creating distressful condition for the public as well as catalysing water stress condition, power crisis and crop failure for the belt.

Raised heat augmented by the high atmospheric moisture due to the presence of three important water bodies in the Indian subcontinent is adding to the misery and difficulties of the people.

The brutal heat record over South Asia for year 2024 has crossed all the previous recorded history of humanity where the night temperature is equally soaring high giving no respite to the common man.

And the worst part of this is that we are in the beginning of the summer season when the month of May is climatologically known as the hottest month of the year in this zone and the temperature in the April has abusively broken all the past records.

Result is simmering health crisis arising due to heat stress condition, spread of vector borne diseases and severely reduced potable drinking water. The parched land helplessly witnessing the dying of the small crop plants creating every probability of food crisis in the region in the coming days.

The hot weather condition of 2024 is not an isolated incident rather it is continuation of the series of heat spike in summer that has sluggishly started since the beginning of the 21st century causing many humans and animals to perish, savagely affecting the ecosystem.

The jump in the temperature for a longer period of time shrivelled the water bodies, dehydrates the soil altering the atmospheric composition having cascading impact on the ecosystem. These changes in the atmospheric condition rise in temperature of earth and diminished potable water availability leading to the cause of Holocene Extinction where numerous species of plants and animals are silently vanishing from earth.

This slow onset of disaster when gets accompanied by sudden disasters like formation of whirlwind, lightning and thunderstorm during summer season, it further damages the existing vegetative coverage.

These episodes are equivalently same across the South Asian and South East-Asian countries as they share almost the same atmospheric condition where the Indian ocean plays crucial role in the climate happenings over the region.

Localities of Vietnam, Laos, China, Philippines, or else people belonging to Bangladesh, Myanmar, India, the common aspect of 2024 summer is that each country of South Asia and South East Asia is reeling under scorching sun that the scientist are attributing to the impact of climate change and EL Nino effect.

Some scientists are of opinion that the climate change incidents are not only affecting the terrestrial heat waves but also fabricating the ocean heat waves.

In this regard it is worth mentioning that Indian ocean, the hottest ocean of the world is swiftly moving towards near-permanent heat waves with 220-250 projected heat waves in a year by the year 2050.

Currently the Indian ocean is experiencing 1.20 Celsius warming, resulting in on an average 20 heat wave days annually and it is a well-known fact that this ocean plays vital role in the temperature and precipitation pattern over Indian subcontinent.

In the coming year, when this high sea will under go changes in terms of prolonged heat wave days in the ocean floor, what catastrophic result it would bring for the sub-continent could be well imagined.

In this circumstances it is worth investing of time and resources on the issues of climate change for the future generation to survive on this world. Otherwise the extreme climate condition is getting harsher day by day and would not support the life on this blue planet which is uniquely bestowed with life on the solar planetary system.

And the single solution lies in making this earth greener in colour and drastic reduction of pollution in to the atmosphere. This requires effort at all the level, at all the platform, involving each and every individual in saving the precious earth from becoming unsupportive to hold life.

The unanimous effort of all the people in saving the atmosphere to turn hostile will definitely show its result where the future generation would not be terrorized by the summer season. Rather they would be enjoying the summer as was done by our ancestors with juiciest tropical fruits and blooming of the summer tropical aromatic flowers.

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