Our Land: Our Future

The country which has been marked by its dry and desert climatic condition is doing praiseworthy work in terms of reclaiming the degraded land and using it for the agriculture.

The month of June is central and influential in the context of Indian sub-continent as South West monsoon brings rain shower resulting in good harvest and good fortune for the people.

However, this month also bears significance for the whole world as we celebrate the World Environment Day on 5th June emphasizing the importance of environment in creating an enabling condition to sustain life on planet earth.

The first World Environment Day was celebrated in 1973 on this day of 5th June under the slogan “Only One Earth” punctuating the fact that it is the only planet earth having the environment to support life system on this planet.

Since the first observation of the World Environment Day, the successive years also witnesses the same spirit and enthusiasm in the celebration of the event, raising awareness and sensitivity towards our surrounding and eco-system.

This annual event also contemplates the humans to ponder in to different consequential anthropogenic behavior having detrimental impact on Mother Earth.

The theme of the world environment day for year 2024 is focused on land restoration, desertification and drought resilience under the slogan “Our Land, Our Future.

We are # Generation Restoration”. The theme highlights on land restoration from the ongoing process of desertification due to increasing incidence of drought occurrence owing to the fact of irregularities in the climatic condition and anthropogenic activities.

The aim of this theme is to bring on board various innovative techniques to inculcate drought resilience practices among the people to avoid their sufferings.

The UN Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD), an UN body adopted in 1994 to bind international agreement linking environment and development to sustainable land management, is of opinion that around 40 percent of the earth’s land is on the verge of degradation.

Land degradation and desertification is a complex phenomenon that can be caused by multiple factors but prominently marked by repeated occurrences of drought.

The increased frequency of drought reduces the soil fertility, negatively affecting the food productivity and availability of other ecosystem-based services for the locals. Desertification is a form of land degradation where the fertile land eventually turns into a desert.

UNCCD is of the opinion that the world is experiencing 29 percent more numbers and duration of droughts since the year 2000 directly threatening the safety, security and sustainability of all life existence on this planet.

In the last 50 years, the land degradation process has been accelerated over the world which has been fueled by reasons like over-cultivation, deforestation, urbanization, change of forest land scape, occurrence of extreme climatic events and saline incursion in to coastal land.

These environmental stressors by putting world’s arable land into despondency condition directly affects wellbeing of world’s half of the population by impacting food and water availability as well as air quality of the region. The resultant health impacts of land degradation are immense.

Widespread prevalence of malnutrition, spread of water-borne and food borne diseases, spread of infectious diseases and respiratory related diseases are the common health crisis in these conditions.

In order to mark the 30th year of commencement of the UNCCD, the world environment day is celebrating the theme around land restoration, desertification and drought resilience hosted by Kingdom of Saudi Arbia.

The country which has been marked by its dry and desert climatic condition is doing praiseworthy work in terms of reclaiming the degraded land and using it for the agriculture.

The adopted innovative technique of the kingdom is also focusing on the restoration of the flora and fauna of the region sending positive hope to the world that the care and effort can heal the damaged land health and integrate the recovered land in the wellbeing and welfare of the people.

Saudi Arabia is also going to host another big event on land and drought in December 2024 under the banner UNCCD COP 16, incorporating people from different spectrum of life with the strong ambition of “Uniting All for The Sake of Land”.

The belief behind the commencement of UNCCD is that a healthy land is central to the wellbeing of the eco-system and biodiversity that translate as welfare of the human society. Restoration and protection of land ensures a safer, equitable and sustainable future for all of us.

In this regard to raise awareness among public and to make them more sensitive to the cause of land, the UN body will also celebrate 17th June as “Desertification and Drought Day”. This year the event is going to be celebrated in Bonn, Germany under the theme “United for Land, Our Legacy- Our Future.”

The aim of this event is to focus on the future of the land management; the most precious resource to ensure stability and prosperity to billions of people around the world. This serves as a wake-up call that integration of this issue of taking care of soil health is an important agenda to sustain life on this planet.

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