Earth Day: Celebration to Everyday Action

Marine ecosystem is one of the largest ecosystem and any step towards caring for this ecology will ultimately transcend to be beneficial for the human society.

“You know dear! Our Earth has multi-faceted landscapes around the globe: each terrain with their unique features and distinctive characteristic, yet part of the big universe, complimenting and supplementing each other. Any disruption we effectuate on any of these elements automatically peters out the vibrancy and robustness of the Nature as a whole.”

Being the youngest grandson of a retired geography teacher, I grew up listening to these kinds of landform related stories from my granny.

She was one of the most adorable teachers in her career because of her lucid form of teaching the subject “geography” with various examples to the high schoolers. Other than sharing stories related to geomorphology of earth from a formative period of childhood days, she was also my play mate and confidant as well.

Whenever I look back to those happy days of my early life, I always find my granny to be at the center stage in ensuring all the discipline, equally flowing with the abundance of love, togetherness and care for others. Her presence always gave me the assurance of fruitfulness of my wishes and ideas with the wholesomeness of the companionship.

On one occasion during my elementary school days, one of my preadolescent friend shared his experience of spending fun time at the sea beach in such a loquacious manner that it kindled the aspiration within me to pay a visit to the beach. I seek the help of my golden ager friend in materializing this wish and we landed up in one of the famous beaches.

This particular beach because of its popularity amongst tourist also host numerous hotels across the road that one of which we booked for ourselves. From the sea facing balcony, when I saw the magnificent vast water body, it gave a thrilling experience.

It was not only the boundary less water bodies was gorgeous to my visual sensory, the buzzing susurration sounds audible from the distance, the continuous blow of wind felt in the hotel terrace added to the excitement of and was appealing and arresting my imagination.

I was able to catch the glimpses of playful children at the beach that further added to my longing for the sea water and the sands compelling my family get moving towards the desired destination.

Appreciating the vast sea from a distance and experiencing it in upfront are two separate incidents. I was excited to feel the coldness of the rolling sea waves, the wet sand ground beneath the feet and to play in the sand on the beach.

While making a move towards the beach, I was doing all kinds of activities like hopping up and down, skipping instead of walking, giggling with a glowing face.

Upon reaching the beach, an irrepressible bundle of joy made my jaw drop with wide opened eyes. My skin was feeling the incessant blow of salty moist wind creating a sense of stickiness.

I was recollecting the stories narrated by my friend in the school and planning to experience all those gripping adventures by myself however, a subtle stinking decaying smell was creating a sense of uncomfortable scenario!

As I was in my fantasy world to experience equal emotion like my friend, I couldn’t see the falling of the township sewerage pipe directly into the deep. Probably, it was not only the city’s debris were making pathway to the salt water territory, rather all the hotels across the street had opened their excretion pipes in to the marine world.

The beach was equally loaded with scattered multiple trash items like plastics containers, broken glass bottles and tins, carcass of a half-buried cattle, plastic bags and many more such items.

Ignorant about beach pollution impact on health, I was lured by the white spume from the rolling waves, wanted to take a plunge into the blue brine, but right away my granny didn’t approve my venture. I couldn’t comprehend immediately what made her dispassionate about my amusement and delightfulness.

Within a split of second, the transformation in her eyes from an amused fellow companion to stern looked disciplinarian was clearly visible. It was difficult to digest her denunciation but as she was the queen of our family, things materialized as per her instruction and within a couple of minutes we had vacated the beach.

I remember, as an act of resentment I stopped talking to her for couple of minutes. She always had an invincible power of breaking the ice for which the rancor didn’t last longer and our comradeship returned in a short while.

The experience of yesteryears erupted on the surface of the memory after reading couple of postings on the social media about the regular beach cleaning volunteering work. Coasts are the last pieces of land where the landmass meet the magnanimous water bodies allowing the forces of wind and water to play crucial role in deciding the shore line landscape.

Polluted beach with trash elements has negative impact on marine life as the litters get drifted away in to the blue brine by the forces of wind and waves. It contaminates the water bodies creating health risk for marine animals and the humans as well.
Beaches are the habitat and breeding ground for many marine species.

Pollution of this region by throwing unwanted inorganic objects, leach harmful chemicals into the seashore, killing many animals and deter their propagation.

This is the most opportune time that we not only celebrate Earth Day on 22nd April just to commemorate the day but to take action to keep our beaches clean.

Marine ecosystem is one of the largest ecosystem and any step towards caring for this ecology will ultimately transcend to be beneficial for the human society.

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