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Places where we should never take a selfie!

Capturing selfie has become a trend among the youngsters but there are certain places where one should never take one.

There are numerous instances of people dying while taking a selfie. selfie3

A 20-year-old youth climbed to the top of Reasi Fort in India’s Jammu and Kashmir this week to take a selfie but he accidentally slipped and fell on a boulder and died.

A college girl slipped and fell in the sea off Bandra Bandsand in Mumbai on January 9 while taking selfie. A local youth tried to rescue her but he too feared to have drowned.

No doubt, selfie is fun and is one of the best ways of communicating, but it could be dangerous in some situations.selfie

To make your moment more pleasurable, you should avoid taking a selfie in following situations:

1. Do not take selfie while driving. It could be dangerous. There are several instances of people meeting tragic end while taking selfie during driving.

2 Do not make selfie adventure near an entry or exit gate of a moving train. You may lose focus and fall down.

3. Do not go for a selfie endeavor on a bridge. A man and his son in India’s Madhya Pradesh slipped and fell into a river while taking selfies on a bridge.

4. Selfie experiment with weapons such as loaded rifles, guns or knives could also prove fatal. A young Mexican accidentally shot himself and died while taking selfie with a loaded gun. the-selfie

5. Do not take selfie while walking or cycling. Your attention may get diverted and there are chances vehicles can hit you.

6. Do not take a selfie at a life threatening event.

7. Do not take selfie from a building roof top. There are many instances people felling down from the rooftop while taking selfie.

8. Do not take selfie while doing prayer or during a ritual. It will not only distract you but also those who are participating.

9. Do not take selfie in a zoo near an animal.

10. Do not take a selfie near a swelling river or pond even if you know swimming.

Do not commit the mistakes others committed. Apply your own judgment and think twice before taking a selfie. Do not go on your whim.

Ask yourself repeatedly: is it unsafe? If that is the case, do yourself a favour and keep your smart phone in your pocket.

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