Now Tesla cars can also park on their own

There are several cars around the market since 2006 which can be parked with the push of a remote button.


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Now US electric carmaker Tesla Motors has come up with a new software update that enables the cars to park themselves in their owner’s garage.

The software update was launched at the Detroit Motor Show by the car maker recently.

The update includes a safety feature that limits the speed of the car slightly above the permissible limit on the residential streets or on the roads which do not have any divider.

This self parking feature cannot just let you park your Tesla vehicle on its own, but has also made it intelligent enough to follow ‘summon’.

It can exit from the spot when the driver summons it and park itself in the garage. It can also leave the garage with the push of a button provided in the car key or with the help of Tesla’s smartphone app.

The cars can also sense the road curves and automatically slow down their speed accordingly. Also, it will keep the car within the correct lane even if the lane marking is not visible.

A report appeared in British tabloid Daily Mail says about 60,000 vehicles will have this update, including Model S sedans manufactured after September 2014 and the new Model X SUV.

Interestingly Tesla is not the only car maker to have this unique feature.

Several other luxury segment vehicles including BMW, Lexus LS 460, Volkswagen, Toyota Prius and Ford Focus have self parking features as well.

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