How rule of love rules business

dealingWe all know how emotions play a role in a romantic relationship or in a successful family life. The same is also applies to business. It can be the most powerful tools for achieving a business goal.

Research reveals that an organisation having its roots in ‘love’, scores better. The culture of love enhances job satisfaction, strengthens team spirit and induces trust of customers.

It is true an organisation does business with the prime motto of making a fortune, but lack of love-laced work culture among the workforce and also the loveless ambiance provided kills the pace of productivity.

In an era of cut-throat competition in the market, the customers prefer to shy away when the loveless business establishment is found only in a money- making spree and excessive exhibition of monopoly.

Even though the organisations, for example the frontline nationalised banks, flaunt role-playing billboards “Customer Satisfaction Is Our Motto”, ironically the service extended to the clients and customers some time lack the expected depth of love.

“May I Help You” tall claims are most often found falling flat. Love inspires patience. Patiently dealing even an aggressive client or customer wins the heart and it results in customer following.

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A doctor dealing patiently even with a patient in a critical condition makes the person being treated half cured. The treatment and prescription most often are found yielding positive results.

In most of the cases, the bus, tram and other public transports, conductors are found dealing aggressively with the passengers in terms of collecting the ticket money and stuffing the vehicle chock-a-block as the passengers have no way out to reach in time their respective

But, if the patient dealing is made, one never feels suffering the journey.

Remember the punch line of the most popular adhesive ‘Quick Fix’ “It can join together anything on earth, but not a broken heart”, the manna from Heaven called ‘Love’ is such a super bonding agent that it can even fix up a broken heart. Such is the power of Love.

It teaches us how to live and let others live. Being born in this mundane world, even an insect or a mammoth beast need to work in a bid to fulfil his demands of basic needs.

As we know, a sleeping lion catches no deer or a lazy bird catches no worms, one needs to love work.

Work is Worship

It is rightly said, “Work is worship”.

Worshipping God is not just a lip-service or jumping into one’s community bandwagon, it requires a spontaneous overflow of power feelings from one’s within and makes us connect to the super ‘Being’ and unseen ‘Power’.

It is only possible when there is pure love.

The art of living is striking a balance between one’s work and love. Working without love for the task and similarly, love the task but sit idle won’t work wonder.

Leo Tolstoy, the famous Russian writer and thinker who was also the idol of Mahatma Gandhi, in one of his worthwhile sermons has stressed: “One can live magnificently in this world if one knows how to work and how to love.”

Even the world renowned psychologist Sigmund Freud has said in one of his findings, “Love and work… work and love, that’s all there is.”

The power and virtue of love has the immense potential to impact our day-to-day business.


The writer is an alumnus of IIM-Ahmedabad.Views expressed are personal.

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