10 New Year resolutions you should keep

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We make a number of New Year resolutions but fail to keep them. Maybe we promise ourselves too much or we do not make the right kind of resolutions.

As a result, times flies and we fail to bring remarkable and effective changes in our lives. We need to know ourselves well enough. We need to know how to turn our weaknesses into strengths.

Here are 10 New Year resolutions which we should try to keep.

1. The first resolution one should make is to stay happy and healthy and for that, you will have to do some physical activities daily.

According to Better Health Channel, the risk of developing several diseases like type 2 diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disease is less if you have some physical activities daily.

The New York Times spoke to the experts and everyone agreed, physical activities and sleep are the two important components of good health.

Break your bad habits

2. You have some bad habits and in the previous year you tried to give up but you could not. It is time for you to think again. You should find ways to increase self-control and delete the habits which are negative.

Researchers suggest New Year resolutions are the best and effective way to make changes. Instead of saying I can’t, you must start saying ‘I don’t’ and stick to self-imposed-decisions.

Make a firm resolution ‘I will give up bad habits like smoking, drinking, hurting people, excess use of cell phone and TV etc. Instead, I will retain and adapt good habits like being positive for everyone and everything, manage stress, anger and time’.

3. I will be conscious about my health and try to eat more fruit and vegetables. I will try to improve my mental health by positive attitude, positive thoughts, meditation, prayer etc.

4.I will put efforts to be more punctual, disciplined, humble, honest, hardworking, result oriented, decisive, and trustworthy, ambitious, proactive, thankful, helping and grateful.

5.I will put efforts to come out of insecurity, fear, procrastination, complains and excuses. Instead, learn to accept things, matter and people in their own way, forgive and do things in a planned way. Learn to stick to promises and commitments.

6.I will put efforts to improve my presentability, team spirit, and organisational adaptability, personal, professional and social behaviour.

You can’t buy whatever you want

7. You cannot buy whatever you want and you need to make careful choices if you want to save money. make a resolution “I will learn to understand the value of money and plan expenses effectively. I will do efforts to earn more” You may start writing down your small expenses to block the leak.

9. I will get over the bad memories of past and move forward, make present as pleasurable as possible for a golden future.

Don’t compare yourself with anyone

10. We often compare ourselves with others and get depressed although we are fully aware that there will be always someone smarter, richer or may be seemingly happier than us.

It is time for you to kill the habit of complaining. You may focus on yourself. Having a positive attitude will help you win.

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