Selfie to replace password in online purchase!

It would ask for facial identification through selfie while finalising online purchase and making payments.

selfieYour craze for selfie may prevent you from frauds during online shopping. Now you may purchase goods online by smiling or blinking your eyes.

If a patent filed by Amazon, world’s largest online retailer, is any indication, online shoppers may soon have an opportunity to purchase goods with the help of facial recognition software which uses a facial live image for authentication instead of a password.

According to Amazon, the software would ask for facial identification through selfie while finalising online purchase and making payments, thus protecting the shoppers from online banking frauds.

In fact, no password in the world can have higher security than the three-dimensional faces. As the smart-phone cameras have face detecting facilities, it would be easier for the shoppers to adopt the facial image authentication method.

In the patent application for a selfie-based payment validation system, the company states, the biometrics of a user’s face can be the strongest password instead of any digit or alphabets.

The text passwords can be impersonated for online payments, but it will be hard to duplicate anyone’s three-dimensional face.

“The facial recognition software attempts to improve security by adding biometric identification. A compute device would capture an image of a user and analyse the image to recognise the user providing a certain level of additional protection,” the patent application mentioned.

Once implemented, the software will ask the shoppers to look at the camera of the computing device or mobile phone with a simple action or motion like smiling, tilting head or blinking for validation.

After the authentication is over, the user can access information and finalise the purchase followed by payments.

Last year, the leading global payments and technology company MasterCard had introduced a similar technology in which the consumers could make any purchase by taking a selfie to authenticate their payment.

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