10 time-management tips for today’s women

It’s better you focus on one work at a particular time, get it done, and move to the second task.


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Being a woman is not easy. There are responsibilities and expectations piled up the moment you are born.

And if you are a woman who juggles relations, house chores, office work, social life and hobbies throughout the day, then you must be someone who is always running against the clock.

Here are 10 time management tips for today’s multi-tasking super-women:

1. Take one thing at a time

We know that you have not just a handful, but many handfuls of work to do every day.

But if you attempt to attend to all of them at the same time, not only you will fail, but it will increase your frustration. It’s better you focus on one work at a particular time, get it done, and move to the second task.

2. Choose your priority

Deadlines can actually give you panic attacks, so of all things you need to get done, pick the one that needs your immediate attention. You can make a priority list for each day and strike each one off as soon as you are done with it.

3. Do the creative works first

Creative works should be done as early as possible while the mind is still fresh and productive. Carpentry chores can be done later.

4. Don’t always focus on perfection

Remember, you have dozens to finish off. So, don’t waste your time on getting one job perfectly done. You can’t give your best to every job. But you can always be better at everything.

5. Plan a time-schedule

Set a deadline for each work in your mind. For example, you set a 30-minute deadline for finishing a project report.

6. Learn to delegate duties

Admit it. You can’t do everything on your own. Delegate your duties, both at home and work. For example: your family enjoys dishes cooked by you. So, instead of trying yo prepare all the meals yourself, hire a cook and oversee. Keep Sundays to show off your culinary skills.

7. Take short breaks

These breaks act as energy boosters. You can’t keep the same level of concentration if you work non-stop throughout the day. Take short breaks every one or two hours and come back with a recharged mind. This will only help you work faster and better.

8. Get some “me-time” every day

Leisure is as important as work. Get some time for yourself on your task management schedule.

Nurture a hobby, read the newspaper or simply sit staring blankly at the wall … do whatever you want to, except work. This actually is a kind of therapy that enhances your productivity.

9. Say “No”

Running around the clock is acceptable till the point the goals are realistic. Check if you can really fit a new task in your day. If no, then say ‘No’.

10. Include travel time in your daily time schedule

Travelling takes up too much of our time. So, don’t forget to include that in your daily list as well.

At the end of every week, sum up the total time spent in travelling, so that you can make better plans for the coming week.

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