10 tips to be happy and peaceful


We all believe that being happy and at peace is a highly eluding state of mind and is practically impossible.


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Okay, so what is the most important thing we all want in our life – money? fame? expensive cars? A crazy number of assets, properties and bank balance? foreign trips?

Had it been so, we wouldn’t have overcrowded meditation retreats and counselling centres.

Happiness and peace are something for which every one of us is ready to exchange the most expensive material pleasure he has.

However, we all believe that being happy and at peace is a highly eluding state of mind and is practically impossible.

Here we bring you 10 simple everyday practices that will benefit you to become calm from within:

1. Stop criticizing yourself

Being your worst critic doesn’t always solve the purpose. Stop nagging and demoralizing yourself. You have no reason not to give your best shot to everything you do. But it is not necessary that everything will turn out perfectly all the time. Constant criticism will only disrupt your own peace of mind.

2. Learn the language your body speaks

A happy mind resides in a happy body. Late night parties, alcohol, junk food and reckless lifestyle is your way of showing how much you disrespect your body. Listen to what your body says and let it be healthy enough to serve you.

3. Let go of things that are not in your hands

We have a knack of cursing others for every single thing that goes “wrong”. For example, if it starts raining minutes before we are to leave the house for a movie, we start complaining: “Oh No! Why does this always happen to me? Couldn’t the rain come tomorrow?”

Instead of grumbling and stressing out, change your plans a bit. Go out for a quick dancing in the rains or enjoy a hot cup of tea with fries while reading your favourite book on the couch.

4. No one been thinking about us all all

We often tend to worry what others think or might think about us. But the reality is, nobody has the time to bother about you and your life. Stop being self-conscious and do what makes you happy and at peace.

5. Stop comparisons

Comparing yourself with others will only increase your stress level. Appreciate your individualism as each one’s journey has a different story to tell.

6. Welcome changes in life situations

The foundation of existence is changed. Want a happy and peaceful life, embrace the change. Want to make life harder, try to put up a futile resistance.

7. Get time for loved ones

Spend more time with the ones who make you happy. They can be your family, friends or even your pets. Happiness is infectious. You are bound to “catch” it if you are in a happy circle.

8. Being alone vs being lonely

Most people tend to get depressed and lonely when kept alone. Learn to make friends with your own self and you will never be lonely again.

Only when you are away from the deafening crowd and closer to self, will you realize that your happiness and peace are within you and there is no need to search for them outside. Talk to yourself, discuss life, take a walk, sing, dance, go on a vacation and pamper yourself … you are your BFF.

9. Let life take control

Let yourself loose. Let your life take its own course. Just follow its instructions and let life shape itself up for you.

10. It’s never too late

No time is a bad time. It’s always a good time to press that restart button of life. Stuck at a dead end? Smile and give your life a U-Turn.

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