Stressed at work? Try these simple steps


The American Institute of Stress says 80 percent of the people feel stress at work and nearly half of them are looking for help.

Stress at the workplace is one of the major health concerns around the world and both employers and employees are finding ways how to handle it.

The American Institute of Stress says 80 percent of the people feel stress at work and nearly half of them are looking for help.

While most adults spend a considerable amount of time at work, it is important to understand how to prevent the work depression in order to stay productive and motivated.

Be it a human or animal everyone is having a natural mechanism for overcoming depression and stress. Here are few simple tips that may help you handle stress the natural way.

Stay active

You must stay active and cheerful during the day if you want to fight depression.

It may appear odd but the lighting influences learning, anxiety and memory. While low light could make you stressful, increased light could diminish fear and anxiety, according to Mental Healthy.

Therefore, it is important for you to set up a proper lighting in place at your workplace.

You may position your workplace in such way that it gets enough light.  You may place your table in front of the source of the daylight.


You may use window-mirror combo to make the room brighter.

You  may pick up a good office lamp (natural bright 4000K is the best one)

You may hang mirrored text to boost motivation.

Although sometimes we need to work at night, most people can become more productive (and less depressed) by staying active during the day.

Take care of yourself

Most people take care of themselves, thinking about the question of personal hygiene. However, grooming can help to prevent depression, too.

To begin with, grooming is a process of cleaning and looking after yourself. It also plays an important role in forming social bonds.

It is scientifically proven that grooming increases the level of endorphins, the brain’s feel-good chemicals  so it reduces the risks of depression.

If you stick to your personal hygiene routine, that is great. However, you can learn more about the ways how to take care of yourself:

You may use massage chair.

You may hug close people.

You may moisturize your skin with cream.

Grooming is not just about good-looking; it is also about feeling better.

 Go in for sports activities

If you can engage yourself in sports activities on a regular basis it will help you reduce stress.

We hear a lot about the role of sports for our health since the childhood, but just a few of us know that sports activities can also increase the level of endorphin.

If you are fond of sports, you may go for both indoor or outdoor sports activities every day. Even regular workout, especially in the morning, may help you beat the stress.

The level of endorphins and gonadoliberin help overcome depression, so people need to stimulate its secretion the natural ways.

If you are ready to prevent the work depression, start using the above-mentioned tips, or pay attention to the infographic below to find out more actionable tips on overcoming this disorder.

To view the info-graphic in full-screen, please visit:

Emily Johnson is a blogger and writer based in New York. She mostly writes on inspiration, motivation, and productivity boost. She can be reached at Twitter @emilyjohnson322

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