World’s first ladies special train turns 26: 10 facts



The world’s first ladies special train that first ran between Mumbai’s Churchgate and Borivali will be 26 years old on Saturday (May 5).

Here are 10 facts about world’s first ladies special train:

1. The world’s first ladies special train flagged off on the Western Railway (WR) on May 5, 1992.

2. It initially used to run between Mumbai’s Churchgate and Borivali.

3. In 1993, the service was further extended upto Virar and it has been running regularly since then.

4. The ladies special has been a boon for the working women who earlier had to struggle to board the ladies compartment in the regular trains.

5. The exclusive train service was the need of the hour as there was immense industrial and commercial growth towards southern Mumbai in the 1990s. The number of working women also rose sharply during that period.



6. Dedicating an entire train to women meant they could travel more comfortably, which was the primary aim of the services.

7. Presently, the Western Railway runs 8 ladies special train services every day. The trains are divided equally during the morning and evening peak (office) hours between the “Up” and “Down” lines.

8. The stations covered are Churchgate in south Mumbai, Borivali in north Mumbai, Bhayander in Thane district, and Vasai and Virar in Palghar district.

9. To ensure safety and security of women passengers, CCTV cameras has been installed in many of the ladies coaches.

10. On International Women’s Day in 2017, Western Railway introduced a Talk-back System, a security measure where a two-way communication is established between a commuter in any of the ladies coaches and the guard of the train in the event of any emergency by pressing a button on the unit.



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