Know everything about ZABIVAKA, 2018 FIFA world cup mascot


1. The mascot for this year is zabivaka the wolf, a Russian name which translates to “the one who scores” or “goal scorer”. What a tremendous way the hosts chose to prove their mascot’s name!

2. The 2018 edition of the FIFA world cup started with a record breaking win of 5-0 by Hosts Russia over poor Saudi Arabia.

3. The anthropomorphic wolf with white and brown fur radiates fun, charm and confidence. It wears a T-shirt emblazoned with the words “RUSSIA 2018” with orange sports glasses. The combination of white, blue and red T-shirt and shorts are the national colours of the Russian team.

4. The wolf was designed by a student Ekaterina Bocharova. The mascot was selected by the process of internet voting amongst the three candidates namely the cat, the tiger and the wolf, the wolf being the only one from the dog family.

5. Declaration of the official mascot for FIFA World Cup 18 Russia was done on 22 October 2016. The election results were declared in a late night talk show, the Evening Urgant on the Channel One Russia. Zabivaka won with 53% of votes ahead of the tiger 27% and the cat 20%.

6. More than one million people had participated in the voting which took place during September 2016 in the FIFA platforms as well as during the live broadcast on channel One.

7. You can meet Mr. Zabivaka at :

8. FIFA has also introduced a interesting feature regarding it’s mascot in the “mascot dreamland” site including the photo booth in which you can treasure a unique souvenir of yours with the mascot holding the flag of the team you are supporting, yes it works! I got mine too! And a treasure hunt in which you need to find fifteen treasures, and if you succeed, you gain access to unique branded FIFA content.

9. For more details on the mascot go to :


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