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A special book on India’s energy consumption unveiled

DEHRADUN: Noted economist Hiranmoy Roy presented a copy of his latest book, titled ‘Human Development Trade and Energy Context’ to Satish Sharma, Editor In Chief, Garhwal Post, on June 18, 2022. Delhi-based international journalist Ratnajyoti Dutta was also present on the occasion.

Hiranmoy Roy in his research volume, ‘Human Development Trade and Energy Context’ analyzed the issue that India is set to increase its per capita energy consumption to meet the increasing demand for energy to boost economic growth that will need equally good energy supply. To meet our overall energy requirement, India is highly dependent on imports.

This volume deals with the complex issues of energy consumption, trade and impact of both on the quality of life reflected by Human Development Index (HDI) in global and Indian context. New Delhi based international publisher – Serials Publication having 123 pages, publishes this volume.

This book is available on Amazon and AbeBooks at a price of $ 8.18 per copy. This volume is very useful to the researchers, academicians and policy makers in India and in similar countries that are highly dependent on energy-imports.

The details of this volume are available in the link below.

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