Together we will bring the Difference: Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization (ACTO)

Knowledge is such an accumulation, that it gets elaborated and refined each time as it gets distributed.

Bhubaneswar, Sep 13 : Knowledge is such an accumulation, that it gets elaborated and refined each time as it gets distributed.

When the person has a disciple, who looks up to that individual to learn new things, the delightfulness in sharing the newly acquired knowledge is immense.

I have experienced the same in my childhood days, when my grandfather used to be my docile, obedient student who was relying on me to acquire the knowledge of usage of modern gadgets.

In one such knowledge exchange occasion, I was making him learn the concept of environment, climate change and weather that I hit upon that day in the school.

After explaining the concept to grandpa, I imitated the posture of our teacher and said to him, “Dear students! Climate is changing in a bad manner and we must behave responsible” This statement of mine followed by defiance from my singular student, who was holding the view that change in the seasonality is good as that would keep a balance in the temperature and precipitation of earth and help the ecosystem to nurture the biodiversity.

I was clueless regarding the difference between occurrence of circular pattern of seasons having strong impact on maintenance of the regional biodiversity and present condition of climate change.

With the passage of time when I looked back at those good old days, I could understand my grandpa’s failure in articulating the concept of climate change back at that point of time. His generations have seen the climate behaving in a stable manner creating conducive environment for nourishment of a particular ecosystem.

However, over a period of time, the changes in the standard of living and life style pattern have generated the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, the most important reason responsible for the changes in the climate.

The subsequent changes around different climatic zones are so fast, intense, terrible and confusing that it goes beyond human comprehension.

The coping mechanisms to survive these big disastrous events are in minuscule. No biomes on earth is immune to the climate change impact, even the rainforests, supposed to have high percentage of moisture content in its atmosphere because of the presence of dense forest coverage and high precipitation throughout the year, are now facing severe drought and intense forest fire in recent years.

This important matter caught the world attention with the kick start of Amazon Summit under the banner of Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization (ACTO) hosted by Brazil in August 2023 and attended by the eight countries sharing the rain forest within its territory.

The proximity of Amazon rainforest to Equator, make the place warm and moist with torrential rain fall throughout the year, resulting in prevalence of thick vegetative coverage of various shape and size.

As a consequence, the biome is the habitat of wide varieties of species and probably the highest numbers of species are available in one particular ecosystem. Around five hundred tribal communities live in this region claiming this land area to be their motherland.

This bio-diversity rich area spreading across nine South American countries, play a critical role in regulating the weather condition, maintaining oxygen-carbon dioxide balance of the region, maintaining underground water table, soil quality as well as contributing to multiple provisional and cultural services for the inhabitants.
Nevertheless, the countries sharing the Amazon rainforest are in an economic development mode since the late twentieth century making the deforestation activity absolute necessity for their gainful upswing.

The region is experiencing extensive deforestation activity due to gold mining, wildcatting, huge scale cattle farming, urban development and construction of infrastructure projects like roads and dams.
Multiple data show close to 15% of the original Amazon rainforest close to around 215 million acres of land area are completely lost and many more portions are under the threat of degeneration.

The man-made changes in the landscape of the region is answered by increase in incidence of disasters like flood, drought, wild fire, spread of diseases, non-availability of sufficient food and drinking water in the area making the life difficult for the indigenous communities.

The summit organized under the banner of Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization in the year 2023 is very timely as the climate incidents are becoming acute for the whole world specifically in protecting the rainforest before it disappears to the point of no return.

In this context, all the countries of the world should stand together in promoting the agenda of ACTO of protecting the rainforest.

This is the most opportune time that, we must keep the interests of the indigenous people on the top of the agenda as they have been acting as the first defense system of rainforest areas and through this, we will be able to bring the difference.

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