10 tips to live a happy life

10 tips to live a happy lifeWell, all of us want to live a happy life. But our present-day lifestyle full of work stress, huge expectations and competition to overtake each other in an unending success race, complicate our life so much so that by the time we realize happiness is an inside thing, it’s time to go.

We just celebrated The International Day of Happiness on Tuesday (Mar 20), over-flooding social media with quotes and photos, and trying to pretend to be so happy in life. But are we?

Here are 10 tips from Big Wire to help you live a happy life:

1. Make a wish-list

Make a short list of things that makes you happy. Make a habit of doing that every day. For example, you might find happiness sipping a cup of aromatic Darjeeling tea sitting in your garden.

Too busy in the mornings? Well, wake up a little earlier, live your wish. And see how it brings positivity in your love.

2. Move, just move yourself

Feeling a little heavy at heart and in the head? Get moving. Go for a walk, or do some freehand exercises or play “throw-and-fetch” with your dog. This will deviate your thoughts and make you feel better instantly.

3. Eat right

Go for simple, light meals thrice a day. Eating right and light gets us better concentration, digestion, energy levels, and productivity. And we all know, a healthy body leads to a healthy mind.

4. Cold showers

Make it a habit to take cold showers every morning that will revive your body, mind and senses. Various studies have shown, cold showers increases circulation, relieves depression, and improves energy levels.

5. Talk less, listen more

Most problems start when everyone is talking but none is listening. Talk less and learn to listen more – what the other person is actually trying to say, his/her voice tone, etc.

That way you will get an idea on how to respond better to a particular person or situation. Also, the lesser you talk, the more energy you conserve and that soon you will realize how happy that makes you feel from inside.

6. Get some sun-time

Apply a good sunscreen and spend at least 10 minutes in the sun, the earlier in the morning, the better. Feel rejuvenated, as well as get your daily dose of natural Vitamin D.

7. Turn off the TV, laptop, mobile

Switch off the television, computer, smartphone or as such any gadget at least two hours before bedtime. Rather spend the time a little detached from the rest of the world – take a stroll, read a good book, listen to your favourie music or simply spend time with your loved ones. You surely won’t repent the quality time enjoyed.

8. Explore a hobby

A major part of our day is spent taking care of our career and family. But do keep some time for yourself to explore your creative side, to nurture a hobby.

It can be anything – cooking new dishes to surprise your loves ones, dancing as if no one’s watching in the drawing room, singing in the garden – just anything, as long as it makes you happy.

9. Don’t pet anger

There are a hundred things that make us get angry every day. But don’t let that anger stay long enough to affect your mental status. Don’t give the remote of your emotions in other’s hands.

10. Don’t nag

Don’t dwell over what you don’t have or can’t have. Focus on what you have, treasure that, enjoy that. Remember, nothing in life is permanent. After a point, we all have to go, and go empty-handed. If you have just enough of what you need, be grateful, as for many, that’s a privilege.

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