Getting rejected from jobs? Change your thinking


Their results offer a way for job seekers – especially those who are depressed – to improve their chances of finding work.

If you are getting rejected every time you apply for a job, do not worry. A change in thinking can change your life.

A study of 75 unemployed people, aged 20 to 67 found that those who had a change in their thinking had an improvement in depressive symptoms and were more likely to report they had received a job offer.

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a type of talking treatment that teaches the coping skill and how one can deal with different problems.

It focuses on how thoughts, beliefs and attitudes affect one’s feelings and behavior, reported Newswise.

This cognitive therapy examines what a person thinks and what he does.

The study by Daniel Strunk and Benjamin Pfeifer at The Ohio State University in the United States is the first to demonstrate that cognitive behavioral (CB) skills not only predict changes in depression symptoms but also real-life functioning.

Their results appeared in the June 2016 issue of the Journal of Clinical Psychology offer a way for job seekers – especially those who are depressed – to improve their chances of finding work.

“Searching for a job is difficult in any circumstance, but it may be even more difficult for people who are depressed,” Strunk said.

“But we found that there are specific skills that can help not only manage the symptoms of depression but also make it more likely that a person will receive a job offer.”

“Some people just naturally catch themselves when they have negative thoughts and refocus on the positive and use other CB skills. These are the people who were more likely to find a job.”

“Using cognitive behavioral skills, people can overcome some of the negative thinking that may be holding them back and making it less likely to succeed in their job search,” Strunk said.

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