How to tackle professional exhaustion

The feeling of being exhausted is however not very unusual. There are ways to fix this problem and get your energy back.

Our society is changing and we sometimes find ourselves in a situation where we are unable to perform the way we should.

It is a situation that can happen to everyone, be it a top business executive or a middle or low-level employee.

Like an illness, it may start as a minor one but over a period of time, it can destroy your morale and your personal life and career.

The feeling of being exhausted is however not very unusual. There are ways to fix this problem and get your energy back.

There is a saying, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. All play and no work makes Jack a mere toy”. It suggests that work all the time is not enough; you also need to relax and sociable to become a balanced person.

You need rest to get recharged and work afresh with renewed vigour and vitality.

Once you feel suffering from exhaustion in course of your undergoing task, you automatically feel like developing a withdrawal symptom.

Prior to the state of exhaustion, a person feels optimistic and while pursuing the given task, the word “impossible” isn’t found in his/ her dictionary.

Once burn-out, even the previous pace of performance receives a severe jolt and the used-up brain and body start evaporating into the state of pessimism and hence, the scale of performance plummets.

Exertion and exhaustion also tell against one’s personality. One fails to focus and also feels hungry both physically and psychologically.

“A hungry man is an angry man,” as the saying goes. When once hungry, and that leads to being angry, you may start quarreling with your tools and even with your co-workers. Once you are mentally upset you may go sick.

And thus, it’s sheer foolishness to get the feasible performance or the requisite output from you. A sensible and rational employer always tries to keep his employees in good humour even amid the reality of a daunted task.

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Efforts should be taken to see that the inner potential and resource level of the performer should not suffer depletion at any cost.

He should be made to feel that his performance is important and would make the difference once he puts his shoulder to the wheels of work after getting rejuvenated.

To infuse a new lease of life one needs to have timely medical check-ups, medication if required, regular sound sleep, requisite nutrition, inspiring companion, meditation and even solitary stroll and its touch therapy – the Midas touch of soothing breeze.

One can also opt for and be allowed for a break in the shape of outing with one’s near and dear. Social contact also matters and boosts up one’s morale.

It is true that in order to eke out a living and earn one’s bread and butter, one need to perspire and reap the benefits from one’s sweats of the brow.

Notwithstanding that, “Health is wealth”. When the body fails to permit, the mind too starts surrendering. Once the moral courage begins corroding, it’s sheer foolishness to bank upon the physical courage.

Both moral courage and physical courage should work hand-in-hand in our life.


The writer is an alumnus of IIM-Ahmedabad.Views expressed are personal.


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