10 winter fashion tips you may want to know

10 winter fashion tips that you can follow to feel warm and look hot at the same time during winter.

winter fashion
If you are a fashionista and regret not being able to look stylish due to those baggy sweaters you have to wear to beat the cold here are  10 winter fashion tips that you can follow to feel warm and look hot at the same time:

1. Try skinny jeans:

The good thing about skinny jeans is that you can wear multiple items on top for keeping warm. You may try a leather jacket with flat heel boots in the day, while match a silk drape top with pointy toe heels for night-outs.

2. Get a cashmere crewneck sweater:

It’s chic and looks cool with a collared shirt. What’s more! It can be worn with almost everything, including midi skirts, jeans, printed trousers and leather pants.

3. Don a fedora:

Wool or felt fedoras keep you warm and looks adorably fashionable at the same time.

4. Statement coats are “in”:

Statement coats add a fresh fashion tinge to any colour you wear – pastels, neutrals, all blacks or multi-colours.

5. Turtlenecks are must-haves:

Get fitted style turtlenecks and wear them under everything – blouses, knits, dresses!

As they poke out of your neckline and cuffs, they will add a new dimension to winter fashion, besides keeping you toasty inside. Pick your kind from neutrals, solid bright colours and prints like stripes or florals.

6. Wear knitted jumper dresses:

Want to show a little leg and at the same time remain warm? Try a knitted jumper dress. If you feel too cold, you may wear them with tights and also get a winter coat over it.

7. Use a blanket wrap scarf:

A blanket wrap scarf is another must-have winter accessory. Drape them in a careless fashion over your shoulders or wrap them around. They are sleek and cosy.

8. You can’t do without a leather jacket:

Leather jackets add an edge to winter fashion. They can be worn over something as simple as jeans and tee. and still bring out fab from the drab.

9. Ankle boots are getting popular:

We really don’t need boots to beat Indian winter. But none-the-less, ankle boots are gaining popularity quite fast due to their versatility. They can add glamour to everything you wear – from dresses to tights.

10. Socks:

Try some pretty-looking socks in different colours, patterns and fabrics. As they pop out of your ankles, they will add zing to your winter fashion, at the same time, keep your feet warm.

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