Aarogyadhoot mobile medical Unit delivers services to students

On Wednesday, Hyderabad, Telangana, December 21, 2022: — The 34-foot-long Mobile Medical Unit “Aarogyadhoot” was showcased and spectacles ad nutrition bars were distributed to school students of TSWREIS Gowlidodi as part of the project School Health Screening and Monitoring sponsored IndusInd Bank In the presence of Addl. Secretary TSWREIS D.Hanmanthu Naik
Advanced screening, Intervention and Health care Delivery directly to students makes it special.

A need for enhanced school health services based on feedback from students, teachers, counsellors and staff, creating a mobile health service was proposed in 2020 by Synergy India Foundation and designed by Think Tankers Innovative Solutions, which was supported by CSR of IndusIndbank, said Kiran Kumar, Managing Trustee of Synergy India Foundation.

The mobile medical unit partnered with Avis Hospitals, Panacea the healthcare command centre for delivering services for selected schools of Social Welfare, Tribal Welfare and BC Welfare.

The project is launched as a pilot for 81 schools and 37000 student beneficiaries.

At the event, Addl Secretary said, “The department has been monitoring health care at school through 24×7 Command centre Panacea and partnering with NGOs, and private entities to deliver quality care at the schools so that students get health care without missing school.

The mobile medical unit is the first of its kind with three specialities dental, optical and haematology units inbuilt.

Having more of these units will help in delivering services across the state. .”

Built on a Mahindra chassis, the mobile unit is designed with privacy and economical use of space in mind.


It is outfitted with an examination room at the rear of the vehicle and two rooms with a full-fledged Dental and Eye Screening Unit.

“It will be just like walking into a doctor’s office and we can extend the programme to other schools,” said Karuturi Vaibhav Anand, CEO of Think Tankers Innovative Solutions who oversees the mobile clinic program.

The students are initially screened by a team of doctors which consists of General Physician, a Dental Doctor, an Ophthal Doctor supported nurse practitioners and physician assistants and followed by advanced screening and intervention in the mobile unit.

From treating dental caries, and haemoglobin levels to checking refractive errors, the mobile clinic offers a range of basic services, including:

“ More such units will help in better health care access and Avis Hospitals is committed to giving support to such initiatives from the Govt of Telangana” said Dr Rajah V Koppala, Managing Director, Avis Hospitals

Spectacles and Nutrition Bar Distribution
In the school, the screening was done for 285 students out of which prescription spectacles were distributed to students which needed their vision to be corrected, nutrition bars for students with mild anaemia, and a special diet was prescribed to students with moderate and severe anaemia.

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