10 simple tips to choose the right hotel

It’s better to choose a hotel keeping in mind the sites you are going to visit. Choose a hotel that is located near all major places of interest that you will be visiting.

Hotel, tipsChoosing the right hotel is quite simple given that you keep in mind some quick tips.

For all travel-bugs, BigWire brings some simple tips that will help you check-in a hotel that is the right one for you:

1. It’s better to choose a hotel keeping in mind the sites you are going to visit. Choose a hotel that is located near all major places of interest that you will be visiting.

That way, even if you have to shell out a little more money, you will ultimately end up saving quite a bit of your time as well as money on communication.

2. Although it should not be the sole factor, but choosing a hotel based on ratings and reviews is a simple, yet effective idea.

Look up prominent travel sites like TripAdvisor, check-mark your priority and sort hotels as per rankings, reviews, price, etc. If money is a priority, go for budget hotels.

3. Check out the amenities – what are the facilities you are getting and if they are worth your value for money. You must get all your queries answered before checking in the hotel.

For example, does you room has internet and Wi-Fi facilities? Are local taxes and breakfast included in the booking price?

What is the check out time? Will it offer cabs to take you to shopping malls, tourist places, railway station, and airport?

4. Compare prices of different hotels in the same locality. For example, if you are in Ahmedabad, check all the 3-Star hotels in the city and see what value-added services they are offering along with their respective prices.

5. Keep a tab on the “season” factor. If you are keen on saving your money, avoid peak seasons, that is, the time when the city or country is celebrating a popular festival or enjoying the best weather.

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Choose lean season as your time of travel where hotels often offer discounts and several perks.

6. Check if the hotel will be hosting any event like concerts, karaoke competitions or poolside parties during your stay.

If you prefer a quiet stay, make sure it will ensure the event won’t impact you. If you love parties, it will be just a perfect stay.

7. Know about the services it will be offering. For example, will you have to wash your clothes yourself or there is a laundry service.

If there is room service or you have to go to the hotel’s restaurant to have lunch and dinner. Is there a swimming pool that you can use?

8. Make yourself clear on paid services. For example, is the Wi-Fi access for free? Do you have to pay to avail hot water?

9. Decide whether you want to avail one of the chain hotels that will offer a consistent service or you want to sneak in a local one (generally run by families) and have a cheaper and homely stay.

10. If you always prefer to travel with your pet, check if the one you choose is a pet-friendly one and if yes, what are the rules of checking-in with a dog or cat.

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