Dalit-A dichotomy social word in India




Gandhi and Kasturbai with Harijan children at Bhavnagar, July 3, 1934. Pic credit: .mkgandhi.org

‘It is against the fundamental principles of humanity, it is against the dictates of reason that a man should, by cause of his birth, be denied or given extra privilege.’

Mahatma Gandhi

A recent news item caught my attention as a reader. The eye-catching news was about fifty alumni of IIT-Delhi planning to form a political party to fight against the injustice faced by Dalit. In all probability, they would start their political voyage from Bihar elections in 2020.

Dalit is still a word that reflects the existence of an inherent dichotomy in our society.

Rationalists fear if their demands superpose with the dirty politics played back in the late 1950s, where reservations became a tool for electoral agenda.

Under the leadership of Sardar Patel, the Advisory Committee permitted reservation policies for socially deprived sections. But with the passage of time, it became a tool to hold power and push the nation to nowhere.

Dalit leaders argue that upper castes have suppressed the lower castes for a long time. It’s now paid back time for the upper castes.

Are they on verge of avenging the predicaments of past?

The Dalit protests held recently got serious impetus from political banners, particularly those who stand against the Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP).

On the top, the Congress president Rahul Gandhi allegedly instigated mob that got violent to manifest their anguish. Some viewed It was no less than leading a civil war!


Bullets roared the streets, rabbles strolled vociferously, vehicles were blazed, many were laid down to death, and of course, disruptions were created in governmental proceedings.

But, when a protestor was interrogated by a leading media channel for his cause of participation, he replied, “It is because reservations are outlawed, we’re here on streets.”

In fact, they were fuelled in terms that were crude fallacies. What an irony!

Jats of Haryana were once tenant farmers, a majority of them having large possession of land. They have been prosperous than many from higher castes who do not have any land. But, their political influence got them into reserved class.


Selection on the basis of birth has also widened disparities psychologically where a Dalit person is tagged ‘Sarkari Brahmin’. People belonging to general category often express agony that such procedures make their hard work overshadowed.

Even, any government that comes to power lacks a mechanism to look after the sufferings of unreserved class. Day after day, the scars are getting infected silently, responsible solely for dividing Hindu society.


Equity inequality is akin to light a thousand lamps from a lamp. But, the generation which relished the fruits of reservation hasn’t done a bit for their descendants. They have used it for personal growth instead of sharing success with a fellow member of lower castes.

One can only find those reserved students in a college who could afford to attend private coaching classes and what about the rest who are still running homeless under the city lights.

In my opinion, a percent of both SC and ST reservation should be channeled for young sportspersons.

Besides, successors of those enjoying the benefits of reservation ought to be prevented from taking further advantage, unless there exist no liability.


Above all, it is about awareness that should be created so that denizens take indiscriminate decisions to someday end up this practice.

Democracy, after all, has no teachers; it is self-enlightened. Citizens are the best judge for themselves. It is up to them to decide, whether to have a wretched deserved person at the seat, or a well-dressed undeserved specimen, even following a century of independence to be elapsed.



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